Optimal Health Plan (OHP)

Why Optimal Health Plan for Your Pets?

– Offers a win-win bargain for both pets and pet owners.
– Helps provide adequate and all necessary care for your pets – your pet is happier and healthier
– All necessary preventive care, vaccinations and common diagnostic tests
– Offers you huge savings of 50% or more off the regular prices – you get to keep more money in your pocket
– Plan can be upgraded to a different level to meet additional healthcare needs
– No Credit Check
– 12 affordable monthly payments
– All plans have an Annual Membership Fee of $55, discounted $15 for additional pets that you enroll.
– No Exclusion. Every pet has different health needs depending on breed, age and lifestyles
– Call our Member Care Services today at 908 688 1640 to find out more details and which plans will be best for your pet.

Puppies and Kittens Optimal Health Plans (OHP)

Puppies and Kittens are most vulnerable to infectious diseases in their first year of life and when they are in greater need of preventive healthcare including neutering or spaying.

We offer the following plans for Adult Dogs and Cats:

Basic Care Puppy OHP
Basic Care Plus Puppy OHP
Basic Care Kitten OHP
Basic Care Plus Kitten OHP

Please Note:

Pet must be healthy and at least 8 weeks of age to enroll.
Pet may not be in heat, pregnant, or have one undescended testicle for surgery coverage. Additional charges may apply.
Pet must be 6 months of age or younger at time of enrollment for all vaccines, tests, and surgical procedures to be covered under this plan.
For maximum protection and savings, we recommend you enroll your puppy or kitten at the time of the first visit.
Additional discounts of 5 – 10% for non-plan products and services.

Adult Dog and Cat Optimal Health Plans (OHP)

Dogs and cats grow much faster in age than humans – are on average 6 to 7 years for every human year.
Therefore their medical and nutritional needs change at much faster rate than humans.
Our OHP Adult Plans will help your pet keep up with changing health care needs.
Most come with blood tests that help with early disease detection by examining vital organ functions.

We offer the following plans for Adult Dogs and Cats:
Basic Care Adult Canine OHP
Prime Care Adult Canine OHP
Golden Care Adult & Senior Canine OHP
Basic Care Adult Feline OHP
Prime Care Adult Feline OHP
Golden Care Adult & Senior Feline OHP

Please Note:

Plans are non-transferable.
Plan Contract is for one calendar year (12 months)
Penalties may apply for early cancellations
Additional charges may apply for booster vaccines when required for all adult plans.
Additional discounts of 10-20% for non-plan products and services.




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